Rumors, Openings, and Closings in Florence, SC

by The Flossip on March 5, 2011

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I am going to update this post as places open, places close and rumors bounce around and I will update when they become reality (if they become reality). By reality I don’t mean that your mama’s cousin works for the XYZ Company and they know for a FACT that it is a Buffalo Wild Wings. I mean, there is actually a sign on the door, wait staff is hired and I can go in and order a meal. Or buy something. Please comment about any rumors of new businesses you have heard or openings or closings. Don’t just comment about any rumors you have heard– this isn’t that type of website!


    • Chipotle at Magnolia Mall (outside)
    • LOOKS OPEN 6/23!

    • Academy Sports
    • Cheddars Casual Cafe  (Note they do not list Florence in their new location list, but they are on the retail site map)
    • Southern Latitudes in the Old Prime Time Location
    • California Dreamin
    • Fuddruckers (I would actually love this, so easy with kids too.)
    • Pita Pit
      • Bean Groovy is moving to the old Carolina Sandwich location on the corner of Coit and Palmetto

OPENINGS (These are openings since I started the page- most recent are listed at the top)

        • Hotel Florence  (So exciting!)
        • “New” Victors (Fabulous!)
        • Dolce Vita in Downtown Florence (Chocolate-Wine-Tasting Room)(They will also sell SweetLeigh’s cakes!)
        • Long Grain Cafe (I approve!  Had a great lunch there)
        • Dollar General on Second Loop across from Rogers (Blah.  Sorry this isn’t more exciting)
        • DA Massimo is downtown
        • Virginia college in the Old Circuit City
        • The Grotto reopened with a twist! It is now a wine and cheese shop.
        • Sweet Frog Yogurt Now with 2 locations in Florence
        • Lizards Thicket
        • Let them eat cake!– a cake store
        • Clay Pot Coffee Shop(Love!)
        • Struttin Turkey (Irby Street on the right out towards South Florence)


      • Cottontails is closing 1/26.
      • Old Europe (reopened on 2d Loop at old Cafe Florentine location)
      • Is Chutney Closed?  Rumor says its just being renovated.
      • George’s Funnel Cakes
      • Pattycakes– old location and the new location are closed
      • Dance Etc(2012)
      • Robertos (closed for good according to their FB status 3/21/12.) (THIS IS NOW DA MASSIMO)
      • Indian Buffet– New one opened on Palmetto Street near Irby.
      • FatBoys
      • Handpicked
      • Fazolis
      • Smackin Daddies.
      • Dr. Fishbones is closed
      • Artie Macs has closed
      • Books  A Million (Wahhhhhh)
      • Prime Time
      • Artie Macs
      • Travis Jewelers (Sniff)(2012)
      • Shuckers (Now renamed to Cactus Jack Saloon)(2012)
      • Hapi Balance
      • Stuart Lawrence Salon

(I need your help to keep this post going! Comment away! I will put a permanent link in the sidebar.)

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1 Josh October 9, 2015 at 12:49 am

Sure would like to see some new “coming soon” news around here… Any word on when Panera opens?

2 Frank Davis October 8, 2015 at 10:46 pm

Does BB’s wings serve beer and do they have any sort of website? I can’t seem to find anything online.

3 Shannon October 8, 2015 at 5:43 pm

What us going on the corner of Evans and Hoffmeyer?

4 mia October 7, 2015 at 12:59 am

I tried BB’s off of Cashua today. Very friendly staff and very clean and cozy. I had wings and they were good. I would have to agree with the others about the quietness, I could hear myself chewing at times. The Cheesecake is an absolute must try. delicious!

5 real pee dee news September 29, 2015 at 10:58 am

@tim…banks do employ large numbers of people which is positive for the economy. However, overall where they fall short is in the area of small business lending. If they would take more risks with middle america, you would see an increase in the success of the mom and pop businesses. just take a look around florence, mom and pop businesses come and go all the time. lack of capital is the number 1 reason. banks make it virtually impossible for them. in a majority of these local cases, they just needed another 6 months to a year to fully establish their business in the community. But they never got the chance cause they couldn’t pay their bills.i know several local restaurants in which this was the case. banks only cater to the big boys around here…they forget that those big boys had to start from somewhere. just my opinion from what i have seen in business.

6 Tim September 23, 2015 at 3:45 pm

“Banks do nothing for the economy. They just collect interest and service fees.” Well, they do provide jobs for people. That contributes to the economy.

I will agree that Florence has a higher than normal concentration of banks for a community its size.

7 real pee dee news September 23, 2015 at 10:48 am

That’s what we need….more banks in Florence! Look what bank of America just did. So now there are 3 South State Banks within 1 mile….pathetic. Banks do nothing for the economy. They just collect interest and service fees.

8 Michael September 23, 2015 at 7:32 am

@Lou, I also tried BB Deli and Wings (on S. Cashua). The cheddar bacon fries were good. The wings garlic parmesan wings were ok. But they needed to be cooked a bit longer. Nice and clean inside. Friendly staff. But was too quiet. They need music or something in there.

9 Lou September 22, 2015 at 9:12 pm

Sorry….I meant ‘kind’.

In other news…went to BB’s deli and wings the other night. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t knock my socks off either. I’ll try it again.

And don’t we already have a Dedicated Community Bank in town somewhere?

10 Lou September 22, 2015 at 9:09 pm

@real pee dee news……I’m not surprised either. Ate lunch there once and it was not a good experience. Mediocre is being very king.

11 David Gossett September 22, 2015 at 4:44 pm

Heard that an awesome new community bank is coming to Florence. It is Dedicated Community Bank and will be located near the corner of Evans and Hoffmeyer Street.

12 real pee dee news September 22, 2015 at 4:20 pm

not surprised at all that simply southern closed. went there for breakfast last month and it was mediocre. the bagels were not fresh…you have to have awesome food if you are gonna make it around here.

13 Jon September 19, 2015 at 3:38 pm

@dls..that now open sign is for Which Wich..not Panera

14 phillip September 18, 2015 at 10:55 am

Creekrats and simply southern have both apparently closed shop

15 dls September 18, 2015 at 10:31 am

Has Panera Bread opened yet? Saw a sign that says now open, but didn’t look like anyone was there???

16 Jesse September 17, 2015 at 9:20 pm

any news of the corner of Evans and Hoffmeyer…corner of the Florence Mall

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