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by The Flossip on February 13, 2012

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I have always encouraged you (dear, dear reader) to step outside of the box a little and venture off the beaten path.  Explore a place like Palmetto Peddler and get lost for a few hours… or… drive to Mechanicsville Fish Camp for dinner.  I have to credit Mr. Flossip with this find.  He came downstairs Saturday and suggested we take the kids and try it out.  (We like places with a little drive on the way home from dinner– it soothes the kids and helps us get them to bed.)


When I tell you that the Mechanicsville Fish Camp is a restaurant located inside a gas station?  I mean it is a restaurant located in a gas station.  For example, if your child wants chocolate milk?  You can get it out of the case.  Except that you don’t have to– the SUPER fabulous wait staff does that for you. My kids thought it was really cool to eat inside the gas station.



It is most certainly a real fish camp– and I know fish camps. (According to Wikipedia: Fish Camp is the regional term for a rustic restaurant that serves fried catfish, hush puppies, and slaw as its main fare) I’ve eaten at the fish camps in and around Gaffney, SC, so trust me.  Instead of whole catfish, they have catfish fillets.  They were delicious!  I liked Mr. Flossip’s fried scallops better than my grilled scallops, but both were good.  He also tried the popcorn shrimp which were yummy! Flossip boy deemed the hush puppies “The best he has ever had” and I assure you that the boy knows his hush puppies.


Our esteemed Solicitor, Mr. Ed Clements, provided live music.  The music was a perfect backdrop to our family dinner.


The other good thing about having dinner in a gas station?  The boys did not want fish, they wanted pizza.  With Bacon.  Guess what?  The fish camp serves a delicious Hunt Brothers pizza WITH BACON!  Score!  Flossip girl had chicken fingers and fries. We also all had a tasty dessert!  Flossip boy devoured a brownie a’ la mode, Flossip girl had vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, and I had turtle cheesecake.  Triple Win!!  The service was probably the best service I have ever had.  They brought us samples of catfish stew (which sounded really, really gross to me, but I tried it for YOU.  And?  I liked it!).  They chatted with us about our family, they overlooked my loud and messy children.  All in all?  This was a definite win.

Hours of operation:

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Fri – Sat: 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm




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1 Vickie February 15, 2012 at 10:13 pm

We LOVE The Mechanicsville Fish Camp!! We have been several times and the food is always delicious, grilled or fried. I will have to admit though that I have yet to try the steaks that always look awesome when someone else orders them. The reason is that I am always hungry for the fish/seafood, LOL.

I highly recommend that everyone gives the MFC a try. The drive up is really pretty too!

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